What we produce

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EVRAZ is a leading producer in steel markets and supplies its products to customers from 70 countries worldwide. Our broad product line is used in most production industries, including construction, rail infrastructure. Our output is tailored to the customer’s location, specific technical conditions, the purpose of the product and how it will be used further.

The Group’s products meet the highest standards and are certified (a number of certificates can be viewed at the English version of the official EVRAZ website). EVRAZ constantly works on improvement of its products and services to strengthen our long-term relationships with partners and customers and to create value for all stakeholders.

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Main and ancillary products
Type of products Description
Construction products Construction products EVRAZ produces steel that is used to construct residential homes, office buildings, stadium, bridges and other infrastructure facilities.
Railway products Railway products Our product line is used in production of almost every element of rail infrastructure (includes rails, parts for carriages, and railway wheels).
Tubular products Tubular products EVRAZ is a leading supplier of large diameter line pipes for oil and natural gas transportation, and is the only supplier of LD pipe that is fully made in Canada. We are also a leading producer of small diameter line pipes used in construction, energy exploration, and production.
Industrial products Industrial products

EVRAZ is a major player in the industrial market. Our products are used in most industries, as following:

  • mining.
  • machine-building.
  • hardware.
Vanadium products Vanadium products EVRAZ is the only full-cycle producer of vanadium in the world, and offers a complete range of vanadium products. The Group produces around 20 high-purity, performance-based vanadium chemicals, and also offers an extensive line of vanadium alloys that can double the strength of mild steel.
Raw materials Raw materials

For main metallurgical production EVRAZ also extracts the raw materials such as iron ore, coking coal, and limestone.

A significant share of The Group’s internal iron ore and coking coal consumption is covered by own mining operations.

We greatly value our clients, and therefore strive to improve not only our products, but also the process of interaction with customers, ensuring an individual approach to each.

We widely apply a range of modern technologies in all our activities, including developing and using mobile applications. EVRAZ employees can get access to information and HR services by downloading EVRAZ app. Clients and partners can find interesting EVRAZ Events application. We also developed EVRAZ Wheels and EVRAZ VR applications that provide virtual reality tours around our production facilities.