Health, safety, and environmental governance

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EVRAZ is totally committed to building safe working conditions for all employees and a favourable living environment for generations to come. Health, safety, and environmental (HSE) issues are at the heart of all EVRAZ operations. HSE management is an integral part of our business, from strategic decision-making to operational activities. EVRAZ applies a structured management approach, and is continuously striving to improve processes, management approaches, and control systems. The Group’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system is constantly being enhanced, in order to ensure that best international safety practices are implemented.

All Group activities are underpinned by the following HS principles:

  • All incidents are preventable.
  • Work must not start if it cannot be safely executed.
  • EVRAZ managers at all levels are directly responsible for providing the required level of HSE – not only to employees, but also to contractors and guests at Group facilities.
  • EVRAZ managers at all levels should set an example of being compliant with HSE standards and rules.
  • All EVRAZ employees are directly responsible for complying with HSE standards and rules.
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The management approach entails safeguarding the health and safety of EVRAZ staff by fully involving top management and senior executives in HS process.

Each quarter the Board of Directors assesses HSE reports across the whole Group. In 2010 the HSE Committee of the Board of Directors was established to review all HSE strategies and to assess the effects of the Group’s HS initiatives on key stakeholder groups and EVRAZ’s reputation. Issues address ed by this supervisory body include an in-depth analysis of HSE performance at all EVRAZ divisions, and making recommendations on required remedial actions and applying best practices. The HSE Committee of the Board of Directors meets once every six months.

In 2018, in order to boost the efficiency of the OHS management system and to build a strong safety culture, an HSE Management Committee was set up, to review HS issues at an executive level on a monthly basis. The committee conducts detailed reviews of investigation results and analyses HS statistical data. The EVRAZ CEO is Head of the HSE Management Committee, and all EVRAZ Vice Presidents are members of this body.

In 2020 it became customary to hold HSE Committee meetings at a divisional level. These committees are chaired by divisional vice presidents.

The EVRAZ CEO is responsible for the general supervision of HS activity and approves corporate targets in the HS field. He is also a member of the HSE Committee of the Board of Directors. The HSE Vice President is supervised by the EVRAZ CEO

and is subordinate to the HSE Management Committee. Please see below the EVRAZ HSE management structure.

In accordance with the EVRAZ HSE Policy, managers at all Group levels are responsible for HS compliance. All EVRAZ facilities report on their performance to the corporate HSE function on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

The Group implements a four-phase HSE management process: predicting, developing, monitoring, and analysis. To monitor the effectiveness of HS measures, the EVRAZ OHS management system is audited on a regular basis by our own management and by independent auditors.

To ensure that our HSE principles are implemented we perform the following actions, which form the core of our OHS management system:

  • Developing new initiatives to continually improve HSE performance.
  • Considering stakeholder opinions, submitting HSE claims to contractors, and promoting respective compliance.
  • Elaborating, measuring, and analysing HSE indicators and assessing how they meet both external and internal regulations.
  • Striving to ensure a free and transparent flow of information at all corporate levels, as well as with contractors and stakeholders.
  • Implementing industry international best practices to ensure an appropriate level of HS management.
  • Complying with domestic legislation as well as the laws of the regions where we operate.
EVRAZ HSE management structure