Learning and development

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The development of our people is a top priority for EVRAZ. The Group has a multi-level system of human resource management in place, geared towards improving the engineering and personal skills of employees, and fostering collaboration with educational institutions.

Risk management training for employees was conducted this year. The course covers such topics as occupational safety, human factors, and dynamic risk assessments. The training was conducted in the Siberia, Ural, Coal, and Vanadium divisions. In 2020 over 42 thousand employees were trained, and the plan is to train a further 15 thousand.

Average number of training hours per year per employee, 2018–2020

The New EVRAZ Leaders programme was launched in February 2020. The course consists of five modules, and focuses on how digital solutions can be harnessed to improve efficiency. Overall, 70 people did the course, which was in the format of project work, and with each module covering a specific topic. The team’s task was to create a project with a monetary effect of RUB 80 to 120 million and a payback period of no more than a year.

In 2020 EVRAZ continued with its Top 300 corporate management programme, and a total of 101 people took part in the third wave, which began in September 2020 and will end in June 2021. Each programme participant is mentored by one of the Group’s senior executives. The programme covered the topics ambitious goal-setting, effective management, human capital development, business-processes enhancement, soft-skills, and other skills that will facilitate the Group’s growth and development.

In 2020 the Top 1000 corporate management programme was launched, to augment the Top 300 programme, and is aimed at managing employees of lower positions. Its participants received guidance on such management issues as target-setting performance dialogues, feedback, delegation, and the development of subordinates. In the reporting period 236 employees participated in the programme.

The programme involved the Top 300 alumni as teachers and mentors. The programme goal is to support the sustainable development of EVRAZ’s BSE in divisions and to foster a management mentoring culture among TOP-300 executives.

Case study EVRAZ receives awards for Personnel Development

In 2020 EVRAZ NTMK and EVRAZ KGOK received awards in the category Personnel Development in the 17th annual metals and mining industry contest, held by the Russian Metallurgists Association and the Central Council of the Russian Mining and Metallurgical Union. The Group provides retraining and professional development programmes for its employees, compensates them for the cost of higher education for in-demand professions, and encourages their participation in scientific conferences.

Average number of training hours per year per employee, by employee categories, 2018–2020
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Average number of training hours per year per employee, by gender, 2018–2020

Special attention is paid to students and junior specialists. In 2020 over 240 students did internships at EVRAZ, and over half of these are already working for the Group. Junior specialists participate in scientific and technical conferences, professional skill competitions, and in all-Russian competitions.

EVRAZ team took part in the national championship WorldSkills Hi-Tech 2020, which was held in a partially remote format. The team, consisting of EVRAZ ZSMK and EVRAZ NTMK employees, competed across multiple skillsets and won seven medals: four golds, one silver, and two bronzes, including the employees aged over 50 and junior categories.