Our approach

At EVRAZ we are always seeking to improve the professional and personal skills of our employees. We believe that by doing this we invest in the Group’s future achievements. Hence it is of great importance for us to create a working environment where our employees can fully realise their potential.

With this in mind, the Group continued to work actively in the following key areas in the reporting period:

  • implementing a Target Remuneration System.
  • building HR and enhancing staff recruitment processes.
  • continuously improving the KPIs system.
  • enrolling employees on various professional courses and programmes.
  • developing Human Rights Policies.
  • regularly collecting feedback via various communication channels.

We always seek to improve our employees’ knowledge in the professional field and at personal level. EVRAZ’s business system (BSE) envisages continuous learning and staff development. We incorporate learning programmes into our system so that it is accessible for everyone. We endeavour to always improve our learning programmes, and this year we focused on improving various programmes and courses, such as the TOP 1000 programme and the New EVRAZ’s Leaders programme. We also encourage our employees to participate in scientific conferences and industry contests, which is beneficial both for employees and the Group.

Also, special attention was paid in the reporting period to developing the HR brand. We strive to become the best employer in the regions of our operation. We work very closely with universities, as this is our main source of attracting new talents. We also develop and implement programmes to engage young specialists.

As a socially responsible company we strive to widen the range of financial and non-financial benefits we provide for our employees. We are continuously improving working conditions, provide our people with healthcare coverage, and implement programmes granting our employees exclusive offers from various companies as part of our non-financial motivation activities. We always seek to provide more benefits than the law requires.

The Group endeavours to ensure that it does its utmost to comply with international legislation in the field of respect for human rights. To ensure compliance with human rights standards we are governed by corporate documents such as the Code of Ethics and the Code of Business Conduct. In order to reduce the risk of legal violations the treatment of our workers is monitored by public organisations, including trade unions active in the Group’s operations, as well as regional and federal trade union associations and representatives from Russia’s Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights.

The Group holds its partners to equally high human rights and business ethics standards. EVRAZ policies require that all contracts with partners contain sections governing the prevention of corruption and human trafficking.

Organisational structure of EVRAZ HR management system