Outlook for 2021 and the midterm

Learning and development

The Group is planning to launch LMS – the Learning Management System. The system will incorporate all types of trainings and development courses and aim to make the learning and development process transparent and accessible for all personnel, from managers to employees.

In 2021 EVRAZ will continue with efforts to develop its internal coaches, as well as standard competency and skill development programmes.

Performance as an employer

EVRAZ also has plans to create an employer brand. In 2021 we will run a communication campaign and outline our development strategy.


In 2021 EVRAZ is planning an individual review of employee salaries, which will include improving the transparency and reliability of communications between the employee and the employer and increasing the transparency of the relationship between performance and pay rises.

Other goals for 2021 in this area include:

  • continuing to implement the grading system in the Coal segment.
  • completing the transition of all divisions to the unified remuneration system.

Social policy

EVRAZ will continue to roll out its programme to promote healthy lifestyles and health care in the Urals division, and extend this programme to the Siberia division.

Other goals for 2021 in this area include:

  • amending the strategy for collective bargaining agreements.
  • unifying social business processes and pooling them into one portal.