Staff recruitment and reduction

EVRAZ pays particular attention to identifying and address ing human rights risks, including those related to recruitment and working conditions. We embrace the principle of equal opportunity when hiring and prohibit all forms of discrimination. Staff recruitment is conducted in full compliance with the laws of the countries in which the Group operates, including respective regulations governing labour protection, minimum wage levels, annual paid and parental leave, collective bargaining agreements, health insurance, pensions, and personal data protection.

EVRAZ adheres to the following recruitment principles:

EVRAZ’s Fundamental Environmental Requirements


Respect for  people

performance and responsibility

customer focus

effective teamwork


We try to recruit most employees on permanent contracts. However, from time to time fixed-term employment contracts are necessary. Employees working under such contracts are in a favourable position when it comes to hiring for permanent positions that suit their qualifications and educational backgrounds. Remuneration is the same for both fixed-term and permanent employees, with the exception of university students undergoing practical training and some others. Fixed-term contracts are used in specific cases, such as university students undergoing practical training, internships, etc.

Case study EVRAZ redesigns Hunt-Flow system

In 2020 we paid special attention to boosting the efficiency of HR processes. The Hunt-Flow system was redesigned, and we automated a number of routine processes. In the Hunt-Flow system, recruiters can see that a candidate is already at the interview stage, which eliminates the possibility of different departments hiring the same professional. Also, recruiters from different departments are able to exchange useful information in cases when a candidate is more suitable for an open position that is not the same as the one originally applied for.

EVRAZ has a mentoring programme, as well as a Buddy programme, introduced in 2019, which was updated in 2020 due to transitioning to an online format. In addition, we implemented the Buddy mobile app, which allows new joiners to stay in touch with supervisors, and also helps keep track of tasks that need to be done, useful information, requirements, and company rules. There is also a Buddy app available for mentors, which enables them to conveniently track their student’s activity.

Working with young specialists

The Group holds various events and has programmes in place to attract young talent. We make sure that the adaptation process is as effective and convenient as possible. We provide internship opportunities for students, both at the Management Company and at production facilities.

In 2020 a total of 594 graduates were recruited to the Urals and Siberia divisions, including people with a higher education and graduates of basic educational institutions.

EVRAZ holds adaptation and internship programmes for young professionals: incentive payments, scholarships, and a comprehensive evaluation of young professionals was conducted. The Internships for Young Professionals programme covered 123 people in 2020. EVRAZ engages young people in the following activities: scientific and technical conferences, professional skills competitions (1,061 employees took part in the Siberia division), and young leader competitions.

Recruitment of graduates of educational institutions, Siberia EVRAZ

EVRAZ supports educational institutions. We conduct internships of all kinds and offer career guidance tests and advice for students. In the reporting year over RUB 54 million was invested in the development of educational institutions. In 2020 the federal programme Targeted Enrolment was implemented for the first time, in cooperation with SibSIU.

As part of our work with schoolchildren we:

  • Organise vocational excursions to structural subdivisions, museums, and exhibition centres, and training workshops at Urals EVRAZ.
  • Provide equipment for mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science courses, as well as laboratories.
  • Participate in various joint cultural and sporting events.

Before the introduction of anti-epidemiological measures in the 2020 school year, around 300 students took part in excursions organised by the Group.


The Group is continuously looking to enhance its performance, which occasionally entails having to implement staff reduction measures. As a socially responsible company we deal with personnel dismissals in an appropriate manner, guided by an internal document adopted in 2012 called the Socially Responsible Layoff Programme. The provisions of this document are enshrined in EVRAZ collective agreements. In addition, the Group’s collective agreements and industry tariff agreements contain detailed employment-related sections.

In cases where temporary layoffs occur, our collective bargaining agreements have clearly defined, specific measures to support workers and preserve jobs: changing work schedules, introducing shorter work days or work weeks, creating temporary jobs, transferring employees to other jobs (with their consent), and elaborating a social adaptation programme for workers with the participation of a trade union.

As part of our work with trade unions we insert detailed employment-related sections in collective bargaining agreements and industry tariff agreements. All decisions vis-à-vis staff reductions are discussed with a trade union organisation. Furthermore, in compliance with Russian law, the following categories of employees have additional guarantees against being dismissed as a result of downsizing measures: single mothers, parents who are the sole breadwinner for a child with a disability or for a child younger than three years, and pregnant women.

In addition, we seek to expand the range of people that are granted priority rights to retain employment beyond categories of employees specified under Russian law, including: single fathers, people with disabilities, and people whose spouse is retired or unemployed.

We endeavour to do our best to retain production staff. When downsizing, the Group offers employees vacant positions and, if necessary, provides training opportunities for new professions. If needed, EVRAZ organises employee relocations to other Group facilities, working with employment centres in the regions where it operates. EVRAZ also provides training and financial assistance to discharged employees who are considering starting their own business.