Promoting sustainability throughout the supply chain

EVRAZ, as a global company, is committed to ensuring the integration of sustainability principles, not only in our internal activities and processes, but also in the overall system of partners created by the Group. By setting high standards for suppliers, EVRAZ encourages its potential partners’ to comply with our principles of sustainability.

To assess suppliers, including the safety of their practices, we use field inspections and supplier audits and collect feedback from the company’s representatives. During the assessment period of potential suppliers our Procurement Commission checks information contained in forms completed by supplier representatives related to adhering to a responsible approach to HSE issues. For EVRAZ, non-compliance with regulations in the field of HSE is one of the grounds for rejecting a partnership.

A comprehensive description of our requirements for suppliers is set forth in the EVRAZ Supplier Code of Conduct, where stringent health and safety, environmental, social, and ethical standards are established with a view to ensuring a sustainable supply chain.

The EVRAZ Supplier Code of Conduct can be accessed on our official website

GRI 102–10

EVRAZ seeks to create favourable conditions to foster the socio-economic development of our regions of operation and actively cooperates with local suppliers. We don’t discriminate suppliers on any ground and always ready for open and transparent cooperation.

2020 saw no significant changes in the EVRAZ supply chain in terms of the location of our suppliers. The total number of EVRAZ suppliers is 12,379, with total spending on their products and services standing at almost US$3,028 million. The share of local suppliers in spending stood at 35.7% (US$1,081 million). The fall in comparison to the previous year (43.5%) was due to the change in our definition of local suppliers for EVRAZ ZSMK: in 2020 the Group’s internal suppliers were excluded from calculation in the corresponding segment.

Spending on local and other suppliers and share of total spending on local suppliers by business segments Business units of Steel, North America segment, as well as EVRAZ Nikom and EVRAZ Caspian Steel, consider all suppliers at the country level as local. Other units of Steel segment and Coal segment define local suppliers as those from the regions where the Group’s enterprises operate., 2020
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