Local community support projects

GRI 203–1

Developing and enhancing relations with local communities is a mutually beneficial process and remains a strategic priority for EVRAZ. The Group provides support to residents in a number of areas, including improving urban infrastructure; sponsoring sports, educational and cultural initiatives; and providing assistance to socially vulnerable groups, especially children with disabilities and orphans.

EVRAZ is an active participant in many events at federal, regional, and local levels, including initiatives that involve cooperation with local authorities and supporting non-profit organizations. We believe that such interaction with stakeholders contributes to the accelerated development of the social environment, the industry, and EVRAZ itself.

Participation in federal and international initiatives

The Group pays great attention to significant local and international projects that align with our strategy and policies: we take part in these, and also organise and support some events.

Federal and international initiatives
Industry and corporate events Cultural and social events

In 2020 over 400 employees and 15 speakers participated in the annual BSE-summit, which was held in an online format. For three days Business System of EVRAZ (BSE) representatives from seven cities of Russia and North America dicussed potential areas of future collaboration and cooperative development.

EVRAZ employees participated in the WorldSkills Hi-Tech Championship 2020, where a number of them received awards for their outstanding professional skills.

EVRAZ sponsored the second public Common Cause forum in Novokuznetsk, which was dedicated to the work of social activists and NGOs and held in a digital format this year.

In 2020 we also partnered the III International Festival of Chamber Performances WINDOWS and the regional Vysotsky Poetry and Song Festival in Novokuznetsk.

GRI 413–1
GRI 203–2

Regional projects

EVRAZ has established three main priority areas for investment in the regions where we operate.

EVRAZ’s three areas of social investment


  • Financing the improvement of youth-orientated educational, sports, cultural and medical institutions, their equipment and facilities.
  • Sponsoring educational programmes for children and young people, and providing scholarships.
  • Supporting children in orphanages and children left without parental care.
  • Supporting children with special needs and their families.
  • Organising educational and entertainment events for employees’ children.


  • Improving local urban infrastructures.
  • Sponsoring medical, educational, and cultural institutions at both federal and local level.
  • Funding infrastructure projects, including building roads, streets, and embankments.


  • Funding local sports institutions, purchasing sports equipment, and improving facilities.
  • Funding corporate sport as an important part of corporate culture: organising sports events, competitions, and training programmes for employees and local residents.
  • Funding amateur and professional sports teams and individual athletes.

EVRAZ for Kids

EVRAZ contributes to the all-round development of children and young people by financing improvements to educational, cultural, medical, and sports facilities. EVRAZ participates in numerous federal youth programmes and works closely with academic institutions, in efforts to finance and support children and young people. In addition, EVRAZ for Kids projects are aimed at the physical, intellectual and social rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

EVRAZ for Kids projects
Nizhny Tagil Helped educational and preschool institutions prepare for the new academic year: Nizhniy Tagil Mining and Metallurgical College, a boarding school for hearing-impaired and deaf children, and Joy kindergardens.
Refurbished and equipped with necessary furniture and electronic appliances the assembly hall of school No. 1.
Installed modern equipment to train future welders and specialists in electrical work at school No. 49 and the Nizhny Tagil Mining and Metallurgical College.
Brodovo Equipped a medical office in kindergarden and school No. 19, and donated toys and sports equipment.
Novokuznetsk Sponsored equipment upgrades in the Electrical machines and devices laboratory in the Kuznetsk Metallurgical College.
Sponsored the creation of an educational and production workshop for training students at the Novokuznetsk Transport and Technological College.
Sponsored setting up a workshop to improve the quality of training for electricians at the Kuznetsk industrial technical school.
Helped equip two classrooms of school No. 81 with modern furniture.
Sponsored the setting up of two scientific and educational centres at the Siberian State Industrial University.
Mezhdurechensk Carried out a major overhaul of Kindergarden No. 18.
Tashtagol Sponsored equipment upgrades in welding and locksmith shops in the Tashtagol College of Mining Technologies and Services.
Kaz Funded the repair of the roof of school No. 24
Novokuznetsk Installed a multifunctional sports ground, a training area, and a games complex in the suburban area of House of Childhood No. 95 at the Zhemchuzhinka health centre.
Created a sports complex at the Ringing Pines health camp, a structural subdivision of the Island of Hope orphanage.
Nizhny Tagil, Novokuznetsk, Mezhdurechensk, Kachkanar Organised for the children of employees an online quiz called First-class Games.
Novokuznetsk Organised online masterclasses to develop voice skills, a sense of humour, yoga, and clowning workshops for children from orphanages No. 95 and Island of Hope.
Novokuznetsk, Mezhdurechensk, Tashtagol Organised vocal masterclasses for schoolchildren with the help of the group BOSAYA.
Nizhny Tagil, Kachkanar Prepared two New Year’s interactive shows for the children of employees.
Gave New Year gifts to over 20 thousand children.
Medical institutions
Nizhny Tagil, Kachkanar Purchased modern equipment for physiotherapy rooms at the Nizhny Tagil children’s hospital and the Kachkanar children’s polyclinic to rehabilitate children after operations and injuries.
Supporting socially vulnerable children and their families
Novokuznetsk Purchased clothes and footwear, as well as household appliances and bedding, for 9- and 11-grade students at the orphanages Rovesnik, Island of Hope, and House of Childhood No. 95.
Organised a 10-day hippotherapy course for over 60 children with disabilities of employees of the Group’s Siberian enterprises.
Nizhny Tagil Supported projects of the Live, baby charity: a social taxi for disabled children and Palliative School.
Sponsored the setting up of the crisis centre Baby and Mom.
Organised a series of photo-, hippo-, aqua- and art therapy sessions for children with cerebral palsy.

Case study School for a Special Parent

In December the online project School for a Special Parent was launched, at the initiative of EVRAZ and with support from the Charitable Foundation for Children and Adults “Gift to an Angel”. Within five months, 30 parents of children with cerebral palsy from Novokuznetsk and Mezhdurechensk, including employees of EVRAZ ZSMK and Raspadskaya Coal Company, will learn about home rehabilitation, assisted by experienced specialists. Also, each adult has an opportunity to have individual consultations with a psychologist.

School for a Special Parent

EVRAZ for Cities

EVRAZ endeavours to improve the quality of life of local people by investing in developing urban infrastructures in the towns, cities, and regions of operation. We sponsor, finance, and support a number of medical, educational, and cultural projects.

Case study EVRAZ invests in education and science of Kuzbass

EVRAZ earmarked over US$596 thousand for setting up the Geoecology Centre and Digital Competence Centre at the Siberian State Industrial University in Novokuznetsk. The setting up of the Geoecology Centre will allow students to develop new skills in the field of ecology, and a corresponding mindset. The centre will include laboratories to test the environmental condition of water and air basins, recycling technologies, as well as a laboratory to carry out chemical research.

Thanks to the establishment of the Digital Competence Centre, students will be able to master a number of new specialties related to data management. Three laboratories at the centre will allow specialists to effectively solve problems faced by enterprises in the real and other sectors of the economy.

The centres will accept their first students in 2021.

EVRAZ for Cities projects
Urban infrastructure
Novokuznetsk Installed an openwork cast-iron fence along the pedestrian zone of Metallurgov Avenue.
Equipped a porch and a ramp of a boarding house for people with disabilities with a safety covering.
Mezhdurechensk Sponsored the refurbishment of a pedestrian tunnel.
Sponsored the refurbishment of Prazdnichnaya Square, including installation of fountains and benches.
Installed new lighting on three streets.
Sheregesh Helped restore a pedestrian street.
Tashtagol, Sheregesh, Guryevsk, Kaltan Supplied around 236 thousand tonnes of crushed stone-sand mixture for the improvement of social facilities.
Guryevsk Repaired the building of the cinema Yunost and the adjacent square.
Nizhny Tagil, Kachkanar Prepared combined heat and power plants, which provide heat to the sites of enterprises and residential and social facilities, for the heating season.
Nizhnyaya Tura Repair work on the 40 years of October street.
Novokuznetsk Restored Tank T-34 for participation in the Victory Parade. Together with the Museum of Military and Labour Glory of Kuznetsk Metallurgists, the tank forms part of a memorial complex on Victory Square.
Acted as a partner of the III International Festival of Chamber Performances WINDOWS, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Kuzbass.
Provided grant support to the second Common Cause public forum, dedicated to the digital work of social activists.
Novokuznetsk, Mezhdurechensk Took part in the Garden of Memory campaign, including donating tree seedlings and helping to plant them.
Mezhdurechensk Purchased a LED monitor, an acoustic system, and a mixing console for the Raspadskiy Palace of Culture.
Nizhny Tagil Sponsored staging of the play “Demidovs” at the Nizhniy Tagil Drama Theater.
Ust-Utka village Sponsored setting up the Ust-Utka village museum of history.
Dubna (Tula Region) Sponsored the restoration of the Masolov Estate and establishing a History of metallurgy museum.
Medical institutions
Novokuznetsk Donated a portable ultrasound machine to Novokuznetsk Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 1.
Tashtagol Funded the purchase of medical equipment and cars for the Tashtagol regional hospital.

Case study Restoration of Tank T-34 in Novokuznetsk

Tank T-34, made of Kuznetsk armour, is a monument to a World War II labour feat of the workers of the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Complex (nowadays part of EVRAZ ZSMK). Together with the Museum of Military and Labour Glory of Kuznetsk Metallurgists, the tank forms part of a memorial complex on Victory Square in Novokuznetsk. The tank stood on the pedestal for 47 years.

Tank T-34, made of Kuznetsk armour, is a monument to a World War II labour feat of the workers of the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Complex (nowadays part of EVRAZ ZSMK). Together with the Museum of Military and Labour Glory of Kuznetsk Metallurgists, the tank forms part of a memorial complex on Victory Square in Novokuznetsk. The tank stood on the pedestal for 47 years.

EVRAZ ZSMK specialists spent 450 hours on restoring the tank, and almost all divisions of the plant took part. On 24 June 2020, at the Victory Parade in Novokuznetsk, the legendary Tank T-34 was chosen to be at the front of a military convoy.

Tank T-34

EVRAZ: City of Friends – City of Ideas

The annual grant contest EVRAZ: City of Friends – City of Ideas is another EVRAZ initiative to support local communities, and has traditionally been held in Nizhny Tagil, Kachkanar, Novokuznetsk, and Mezhdurechensk. The contest consists of a number of projects geared towards engaging local residents in improving their cities’ infrastructure and social environments. As part of this contest participants showcase project ideas, which are carefully assessed. The most socially significant receive grants and are implemented.

In 2020, 44 winners were awarded grants totalling US$229 thousand.

24 projects from Siberia and 20 best ideas from the Urals were chosen, based on the votes of the residents of the cities and the professional opinions of EVRAZ experts.

Examples of grant-winning projects


  • Forge of public initiatives
    Establishing a coworking centre for non-profit organizations.
  • MILKA School of Cognitive Development
    School of Cognitive Development for children in challenging life situations and children with disabilities.
  • Summer Sports Republic
    Establishing a summer skiing school.


  • Eco-evolutionary project
    Filming little-explored areas of the Mezhdurechensky urban district, to monitor the condition of the environment, and organising ecotrails.
  • Keeping up with the times
    Setting up the information and educational centre Russian Museum: virtual branch, a branch of the Virtual Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, at the Mezhdurechensk Exhibition Hall.
  • Unusual book for unusual children
    Establishing a library of tactile and educational books for children with disabilities.

Nizhny Tagil

  • WEBIROOM: education without boundaries
    Setting up a remote interactive educational platform in the Nizhny Tagil system of additional education for organising various online events.
  • Movement is life
    Buying modern sports equipment for a rock climbing centre to promote health and sports.
  • City of familiar heroes
    Creating a series of historical animated films, with elements of documentaries, about the development of the Ural land, the founders of the city of Nizhny Tagil, the first factories, interesting facts, and people.


  • Skate park
    Equipped skating area in Valerianovsk to help improve the health of locals and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Youth library – modern space
    Renovating the Kachkanar city library named after Selyanin. Created a more user-friendly and welcoming space for visitors.
  • Playbill art object
    Installation of a new art object called Playbill on Palace of Culture square.

Case study Intensive project management course

EVRAZ and RUSAL jointly hosted the third intensive course “Create. Implement. Evaluate”. in Novokuznetsk. The programme of the main educational event, for participants of the grant competition EVRAZ: City of Friends – City of Ideas! and the RUSAL social programme School of Urban Change, was aimed at both beginners and professionals in the field of social design.

For three days invited experts shared project management best practices and related methods with employees from municipal organisations, representatives of NGOs, and socially active residents of cities. Issues related to the development, implementation, and management of projects were discussed.

This year seminars and trainings were held in a Zoom format, which made it possible to attract around 500 participants from 80 Russian cities, including cities where EVRAZ and RUSAL enterprises are located – from the Urals to Siberia.

EVRAZ for Sports

EVRAZ pays close attention to the health and well-being of employees and local residents. The Group strives to provide healthy lifestyle opportunities by developing the sports infrastructure and equipping sports organisations in the regions where we operate. EVRAZ also supports the development of professional and amateur sports by organising sports events, as well as sponsoring various teams.

Case study 6th High-Five! Race

In 2020 EVRAZ decided not to cancel the High Five! Race and conducted it online, so as not to expose participants to any COVID-19-related risks. The race was organised for the sixth time, and this year brought together hundreds of participants from 36 cities aged from 2.5 to 70. Each had an opportunity to independently choose a personal race route, and then share their result on the event’s website, compare it with the results of other participants, and receive an e-diploma for taking part. For those who wanted to get in shape before the competition, an online training course was created, consisting of 16 videos prepared by invited trainers.

EVRAZ for Sports projects
Sports institutions
Novokuznetsk Supplied materials for the construction of the Kuzbass Ice Sports Palace.
Tula Sponsored the participation of the Thai Boxing Federation athletes in competitions.
Kachkanar Sponsored the participation of the sports school Sambo and Judo in away competitions.
Sponsored the participation of the Olymp sports school’s football team in away competitions.
Helped create and improve the communal infrastructure of the Martial Arts Palace.
Sponsored the construction and equipping of a multifunctional sports complex, the children’s sports school Rhythm.
Sports events
Novokuznetsk Organised a cross-country skiing event at the Novoilinsky district track.
Supported the organisation of the Ski Track of Russia – 2020 mass race event.
Organised a volleyball tournament with the participation of the Moscow volleyball team Dynamo.
Organised an open winter football championship at the Abagursky branch.
Organised an e-sports competition for Abagursky branch employees.
Created a series of video training sessions with the participation of employees.
Organised a track and field event for employees in the Garden of Metallurgists.
Organised sports competitions Mom, Dad, and I are a sports family! In the Garden of Metallurgists.
Kachkanar Organised a track and field race called Health Path for employees of the branch.
Kachkanar, Nizhny Tagil Organised the Five Peaks ski trip in collaboration with the trade union committee and Uralets sports club.
Nizhny Tagil Organised shooting competitions “Cup of the cities of the Urals and Siberia”.
Tashtagol Held the 17th Andrey Sevenyuk corporate alpine skiing and snowboarding competition.
Tula Organised pre-competition training events for Paralympic athletes.
Novokuznetsk Sponsored the Bars team of paintball players.
Kachkanar Sponsored the Gornyak-EVRAZ football club.
Tula Began sponsoring the professional football club ARSENAL.
Nizhny Tagil Sponsored the Uralochka-NTMK volleyball club.
Sponsored participation in competitions and purchasing sports equipment and ammunition for young taekwondo fighters, athletes and volleyball players.
Supporting development of the youth bandy team.

EVRAZ volunteering

For many years, volunteers from various EVRAZ divisions have been actively involved in voluntary activities in the areas of supporting children in challenging life situations and orphans, through organising social, cultural, and sports events, as well as environmental initiatives. The high level of self-organisation and social responsibility of employees allows the Group’s volunteering movement to exist without any formalisation or coordination by management. Regular coverage of volunteering activities in corporate media helps keep the involved employees motivated and contributes to the further development of the movement.

Case study Online master classes for orphans

EVRAZ ZSMK volunteers organised a number of development activities for orphans and children left without parental care, as part of the support programme for orphanages No. 95 and Island of Hope. For the first time, our team of active and creative employees communicated with children online and organised for them a series of masterclasses on voice development, sense of humour development, clowning workshops, and yoga.

Online master classes for orphans

Case study Garden of Memory public action

EVRAZ volunteers took part in a Garden of Memory public action. Workers from enterprises provided tree saplings to Novokuznetsk and Mezhdurechensk and helped plant them. Employees from the Esaulskaya, Erunakovskaya-8, and Uskovskaya mines bought and delivered 54 seedlings of young rowan and apple trees for an alley of remembrance in the village of Staraya Ilyinka. And volunteers from COF Kuznetskaya donated 40 seedlings to decorate the Park of Labour and Military Glory in the Kuznetsk District.

Garden of Memory public action

Other new projects

In 2020 EVRAZ implemented a number of unique initiatives in the cultural sphere. This included projects to support the historical heritage of various regions, as well as participating in organising musical events.

EVRAZ NTMK electronic time capsule

To mark the 80th anniversary of EVRAZ NTMK, an electronic time capsule with video messages for future metallurgists was installed at the plant.

The capsule will store for future generations short video messages from metallurgists and residents of Nizhny Tagil and Kachkanar. Anyone could record a message; in order to do so, they had to make a video and post it on a social network. 72 people took part in the project, and during the preparation of the film, EVRAZ NTMK collected 100 GB and 2,160 minutes’ worth of material.

At the moment the capsule is sealed, and a countdown clock is ticking on the project website. The video will be available on Metallurgist Day in 2040, when EVRAZ NTMK celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The film Mission – To Win: history of metallurgists in World War II

This film is devoted to the heroism displayed by metallurgists and miners during World War II and was created by EVRAZ to mark the 75th anniversary of victory in that war, and was dedicated to EVRAZ employees that worked in factories during the war years. Mission – to Win received over 990,000 views on various platforms, including YouTube, Vkontakte, and Odnoklassniki.

EVRAZ became a general partner of the III International Festival of Chamber Performances WINDOWS

EVRAZ participated in organising the III International Festival of Chamber Performances WINDOWS, which was held online this year by the Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre. This time, the festival was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Kuzbass, and its main theme was Theatre in an Industrial Space. The festival programme, which has already become a tradition in Novokuznetsk, included 20 performances created not earlier than 2015. Every week, from 16 September to 16 December on the YouTube channel of the Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre foreign and Russian chamber performances were broadcasted. Also, within the framework of the festival, masterclasses and public talks were held with the creators of the performances. The participants exchanged views on how modern theatre and industrial cities can influence each other.

EVRAZ became a partner of the regional song festival Vysotsky in Novokuznetsk

EVRAZ became a partner of the regional song festival Vysotsky in Novokuznetsk. Over 70 singers took part in the event, which was timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory in World War II. People competed in five main nominations: Best author, Best performer, Best ensemble, Best dedication to Vysotsky, and Best performance of a song by Vysotsky. The festival was held for the 19th time, and is a well-established and popular cultural event for the people of Novokuznetsk.

Other projects