Customer interaction

In 2020 a prominent task for EVRAZ was the development of new initiatives as part of the Customer focus programme. Identified projects were divided into areas such as digital and continuous improvements. The status of initiatives is discussed at regular meetings with the participation of the Vice President, Sales and Logistics on a weekly basis as well as with the CEO and customers (every two to three months).

In 2020 an online store was launched on the basis of EVRAZ Metall Inprom, and due to EVRAZ’ active development in the area of e-commerce, the E-Commerce Directorate was established. In 2021 the Group will continue to work on improving this sales channel in order to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

In 2020 changes occurred in the organizational structure of customer relations management, namely a specialized subdivision – the Claims Work Directorate – was created.

EVRAZ conducted customer surveys on narrowly specialized topics (for example, coke products), as well as a survey to assess the performance of the Claims Work Directorate. As a result of the survey, a positive dynamics of customer satisfaction in terms of claims resolution was observed.

In 2020 together with its clients and partners, the leading Russian steel trading companies, EVRAZ launched Steel Radar, a resource that aggregates data on the availability of H-beams in all warehouses of the traders participating in the project. The target audience of the online resource are mostly metal structures plants who are having transparent and up-to-date information can choose the closest stock of beams. In the future, it is planned to gradually add other products to Steel Radar.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, customer interaction events were temporarily moved to an on-line mode or postponed until 2021. Through the Zoom platform, a round table was organized with customers from Siberia and the Far East to discuss cooperation and overview markets of infrastructure steel products (76 participants). Also, an annual meeting with business partners was held on-line, which was attended by about 100 companies (around 280 people). In 2021 EVRAZ plans to organize a conference for customers of the metalware product range and visits of partner companies’ representatives to the mills, as well as to participate in the annual exhibition Metal-Expo to establish closer relationships with existing customers and find new clients.


Feedback collection

We perform substantial work to constantly improve our client services and to boost the efficacy of stakeholder engagement mechanisms. In order to be able to do this, we regularly collect feedback from internal and external stakeholders and use the results to fulfil the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. We also organise events and upcoming projects, taking into account the feedback results.

Our approach to feedback collection is divided into three areas:

  • An annual reputational survey of external stakeholders (reputational audit).
  • Customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Employee engagement surveys.

For more information on these, see Our People section.

Reputational audit

EVRAZ annually undergoes a third-party reputational audit, which collates detailed feedback on various aspects of the Group’s operations from main external stakeholders, including state authorities, clients, counterparties, and industry associations. This helps the Group to understand its image and determine areas in need of improvement.

Client satisfaction survey

In addition to the external assessment described above, EVRAZ also annually conducts client satisfaction surveys. This provides the Group with important information on client satisfaction levels, which can then be used to improve client services, and determine the key factors influencing client satisfaction and loyalty.

The survey includes various research methods that are aimed at obtaining an extensive understanding of various issues. During the research, experts analyse client service mechanisms and conduct in-depth interviews with clients.

In the reporting period, instead of conducting a traditional annual customer satisfaction survey, EVRAZ decided to focus its efforts on implementing a project on transactional evaluation of satisfaction (after each purchase). The outcome of this project will be a dedicated digital product that will allow the Group to receive up-to-date information from the client. The launch of the product is planned for 2021.

External evaluation criteria