Stakeholder engagement

EVRAZ recognises the significance of fully addressing concerns and expectations of all groups of its stakeholders, since this fosters the building of respectful, transparent, and mutually beneficial relationships with them.

During the process of elaborating communication approaches for different groups of stakeholders we strive to ensure that we include all stakeholders, initiate a two-way dialogue, and give stakeholders an opportunity to provide feedback.

We are constantly improving our channels of communication so that they are easier to use and more effective. Despite having a number of different channels, we promote the idea of having a unified information field and try to demonstrate our vision and values to a broad range of stakeholders.

We believe that open communication and information transparency are a fundamental aspect of having a constructive dialogue with our stakeholders, therefore, we seek to use the optimal and most convenient means of communication. For example, the Group actively participates in developing local communities and cooperates with local authorities and other industrial enterprises to improve the ecological situation in our regions of operation, through both combined and individual efforts.

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